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In reality, If you are hired as a “DevOps Engineer,” you might fall in any one of the following teams in an organization. SRE is a set of practices and philosophies that emerged from Google. In one or another way, you will end up using scripts in the CI/CD workflow. DevSecOps is another area dealing with integrating security practices in each stage of DevOps. These platforms are best suited for microservices-based architecture.

What does a Devops engineer do?

The main task of devops engineer is to improve the software release cycle. The role of a DevOps engineer is broad and responsibilities vary. Key DevOps engineer responsibilities include optimizing release cycles, monitoring and reporting of the software in production, software automation, project management, identifying ways of improving the IT infrastructure and overseeing security and software security best practices.

It’s common for DevOps Engineers to have to multi-task and prioritize based on what has to get done fast. This is a great question to ask to uncover your candidate’s work process and how they manage to prioritize the many items on their to-do list throughout the day. Their answer will let you know why they think they’re right for this position.

Release manager/change advisory board

Observability on the other hand is about unknown unknowns; about discovering new issues with richer data and creating hypotheses that can be monitored. It is important you understand at least what an application needs to be like in order to qualify for a microservice. Simply dragging a monolithic application from a server and dumping it on a container will not make it a microservice.

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Build a successful career in helping companies with digital transformation. Equip yourself with the skills for a future in one of today’s most in-demand careers as a DevOps Engineer, powered by Udacity. Due to its versatile nature and simplicity, it continues to capture the interest of developers, those new and experienced alike. The benefits here are considerable—using a DevOps approach, you can deploy several times per day. In today’s fast-paced environment, this way of developing your product is becoming essential. DevOps advocacy is often undervalued but is one of the most important roles of a DevOps engineer.

Cloud Engineer (Amsterdam)

For monitoring, there are open-source tools like Prometheus, and Nagios and enterprise tools like AppDynamics, how to become a devops engineer Datadog, SignalFx, etc. You can check out our blog on the best open-source monitoring tools.

  • Plus, improved collaboration and communication between and within teams helps achieve faster time to market, with reduced risks.
  • You have a demonstrated understanding of distributed systems, including containerized services and highly scalable web applications.
  • DevOps is a concept designed to bridge this gap between software development and IT operations.
  • However, these are commonly used open-source tools and technologies you can start with to become a DevOps engineer.
  • These are the people who have been historically described as “computer programmers” before the rise of agile thinking.
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